A balanced and varied diet is vital for good health and wellbeing. Food provides our bodies with the energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals to live, grow and function properly.

Eating healthy foods can help control blood glucose levels, cholesterol and blood pressure. It can also help you achieve a healthy weight.

But how do we do this?

The 30 Days to Healthy Living Programme will assist you to make that change to your mindset to assist you to eat healthy and increase your exercise and energy levels in a safe supportive environment.

The programme is fully supported with Products available for purchase delivered direct to your door, a private facebook support group, weekly meal/recipe plan and weekly shopping list.

This programme is available to everyone not just those with diabetes and a home visit consultation is available for this service so the whole family can participate.

Please visit www.daniellemccubbin.arbonne.com to see products.

Please contact Danielle directly for this service on 0407 927 634.